Club EvMed: One Health perspectives on the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 - Shared screen with speaker view
Joseph Graves Jr
Some of my favorite people!
Jason Wingert
Is a recording of the first meeting available? Thanks.
Meredith Spence Beaulieu, Ph.D.
Yes! Recording is available on our website at tricem.org/education-and-outreach/club-evmed
Meredith Spence Beaulieu, Ph.D.
(please don’t click link now for security reasons—wait until after the meeting)
Angelle Bradford
how do we get the papers ahead of time?
Meredith Spence Beaulieu, Ph.D.
Papers were linked in the meeting signup page
Meredith Spence Beaulieu, Ph.D.
For future meetings, we’ll also be sending relevant links in the confirmation email (I’ve recently figured out how to do this)
Dr Charles Nunn, Ph.D.
Feel free to start posting any questions or comments!
Joseph Graves Jr
This would suggest that human population density may be more important for emergence of pandemic than frequency of contact in rural environments.
Sandra Breum Andersen
is it possible to do somewhat broad screens for viral antibodies, as you can do with PCR for current infections?
Benjamin Auerbach
Two questions: 1) How much has the incidence of spillover changed within the last two decades in locations like southern and western China compared with prior decades? 2) Should consideration be made about recent ecological displacement and the expansion of demographic sizes due to growth in these regions, as much as the local tendencies to consume or come into contact with wild animals?
Benjamin Auerbach
I agree with Joseph’s sentiment as well as a corollary to demographic expansions.
Kendra Phelps
Is antibody protection assumed to be lifetime (in your study), otherwise you could be missing those that were exposed but antibodies weaned
Debayan Sinharoy
Why are wet markets in big cities riskier than rural communities that live with animals? Is it because of the introduction of ‘amplifier’ species? Or the population density?
Amandine Gamble
Question for Hongying - Domestic animals are often mentioned as bridge hosts between bats (or other wild species) and humans. Have you screening domestic animals for anti-betacoronavirus antibodies in parallel to your study?
Joseph Graves Jr
Human demography is not just population density in the ecological sense, but also genetic diversity with regards to the ability of viral clones to find individuals to infect.
Itzel Arias Del Razo
I am really concern, Because I am leading a research project in central Mexico, that involves trapping bats, rodents, medium size mammals like coyotes among species from other taxonomic groups (birds, insects, anphibians, reptiles, etc) and I am really concern regarding the biosecurity, my team is very concern, regarding the posibility of spilling over to wildlife
Randy Kramer
in spillover paper, few survey respondents reported using risk mitigation practices to prevent disease transmission. how might these measures be encouraged in the future?
Joseph Graves Jr
Corona virus sequence does not suggest that pangolin played a role in this pandemic.
Randolph Nesse
are wet market animals more for food or more for ineffective cures based on superstition?
R. Brooks Robey
Another question relates to the specificity of spillover to market practices. Are the people who gather the animals in the wild the same as the ones processing & selling them in the marketplace? If you were to stratify spillover events with these specific roles, would you predict differences? Is there any way to assess for differences between vendor & customer spillover events where proximity & duration of exposure would be predicted to be different?
Konstantinos Voskarides
COVID19 virus seems to be an example of an evolutionary succesful virus. Those “successful” animal to human transfers are extremely rare events. Since human populations are increasing, those small probabilities for emergence of viruses with high level of fitness are becoming bigger. It’s just a matter of evolution and adaptation.
Joseph Graves Jr
Agree with Konstantinos.
Alan Penman
In rural areas, are there any animals that could be used for sentinel surveillance early detection of die-off)?
Emerald Snow (She/Her)
Konstantinos - agreed - combine that with certain policies/economic structures present today, and we can see why we are in the situation we are in…
Debayan Sinharoy
Joseph Graves Jr
Risk mitigation will be helped by ending poverty! Poor people are always more at risk to be flashpoint of epidemic origin.
Konstantinos Voskarides
Agree with Joseph and Emerald
Emerald Snow (She/Her)
Yep - perform storm of all the variables that seem to matter.
Debayan Sinharoy
That’s what I read: not cheap source of protein, more of exotic meat consumption.
Konstantinos Voskarides
Totally agree with Kevin
Joseph Graves Jr
Actually, the problem began with Bruce Wayne.
Benjamin Auerbach
Given this perfect storm, the solution appears to be a mix of education, providing alternative forms of income, and a kind of constant surveillance using sentinel species. But how would this policy be implemented?
Joseph Graves Jr
What about nasal passages?
Emerald Snow (She/Her)
What were discussing is just one example where SES plays a part in ORIGINS, but I think Joseph and I are talking about the situation we are at now of global pandemic status - where economic inequality and certain economic policies are driving the situation to become worse (or better, for countries/regions with less socioeconomic inequality and more pro-social labor, family, healthcare policy, etc.). Just a comment!
Benjamin Auerbach
I completely agree with Emerald and Joseph on this point as well.
Joseph Graves Jr
Agree with Emerald.
Emily Wiloch
Are there any cultural connections we can use in conjunction with education? Seems like it would make it more likely to have the risk reduction measures be adopted by those going to wet markets or hunting wildlife
Mandy Azar
Are there studies being done on spill over risk in ritualistic practices with wildlife and bridge animals in festivals, for example the yulin dog festival etc.?
Joseph Graves Jr
Bureaucrats may favorite people!
Mahmoud Maje
with regards to the spillover of this virus and any other, changing the behavior of Chines people and any other individuals across the Globe will take time, I will like to know if there is any possibility of destroying the virus before spillover, not only China even in other part of the world including Nigeria were we have a lot of individual eating bush meat.
Joseph Graves Jr
Mahmound, I don’t think it will ever be possible to destroy a virus before spillover, unless you eradicate the species that is its reservoir.
Emerald Snow (She/Her)
Thanks, EvMed friends, and hosts of the club! Have a great day!
Nicole Burt
Thanks everyone, this was great.
Benjamin Auerbach
Thank you all for your time and the conversation. It’s been enlightening.
Oscar Sánchez
Thank you
Furkan Gediklioğlu
Thank you!! That was great
Alison Hill
Thank you Hongying, Kevin, Charlie, and Meredith!
Mahmoud Maje
Joseph the only way is to fine a vaccine for it then. Thank you so much.