Club EvMed: Causes and consequences of fear of childbirth - Shared screen with speaker view
Charles Nunn
Great to see so much interest in the topic today! Please feel free to post questions, comments and perspectives in the Chat Box. We will open for discussion after the presentation.
Sofia Carrera
Is there any relationship between FOC and preterm or overdue births?
Emily Andrews
Are there any studies on fear of childbirth potentially contributing to complications in pregnancy or higher risk of miscarriage?
Delaney Glass
Do you think fear may have some protective benefits compared to any risks it may pose? Or pathways of risk it may contribute to?
Molly Fox
Emily — pregnancy-related anxiety has been demonstrated is several studies to be related to adverse birth outcomes (preterm and low birth weight), lots of work by Chris Dunkel Schetter in this area
Molly Fox
But fear of childbirth -> miscarriage risk is an interesting question (I haven’t seen evidence there) seems like it would be unlikely from evolutionary POV b/c fear of childbirth is thought to be adaptive to encourage seeking out birth attendants… would be counter-productive if that adaptation caused miscarriage
Meredith Spence Beaulieu, PhD (she/her/hers)
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Richard Katz
I am concerned that there appears to be no control for initial generalized anxiety disorder and Fear of Childbirth. Virrtually all findings can be equally subsumed beneath GAD on entry. Not saying its not present but from an explanatory rubric GAD is at least as likely given prevalence
Kristen Abernathy
Are there issues with access to these alternative birth settings with regards to race and class?
Molly Fox
Are the pregnancy-related anxiety and pregnancy-specific anxiety scales measuring something different from “fear” of childbirth?
Emily Andrews
Something of an opinion based question: You've touched on how some fear of childbirth comes from media representations of birth as an extremely painful, difficult,,etc. How much of this do you think is due to the overrepresentation of men as writers and directors in visual media? By employing more women in these occupations, could we work to alleviate some of this fear?
Anishka Bandara
What things can, or have, been done to reduce socioeconomic differences in fear of childbirth?
Eric Shattuck
Great point Emily!
Molly Fox
Do other animals have assistance during birth?
Sharon Young
There's a hamster species, P. campbelli, where the father assists during birth.
Meredith Spence Beaulieu, PhD (she/her/hers)
Xinyue Chen
In response to Emily's post: From my reading experience, the most terrifying childbirth narratives are told by mothers and health practitioner from what they witnessed and what they experienced. On the contrary, the mainstream narratives about childbirth are usually reducing the pain involved to encourage women to give birth -- Maybe there is a cultural difference here?
Charles Nunn
Here is a paper on the hamster “midwives”: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0003347201917658
Sonia Cavigelli
Thanks for a great talk, that sparked a lot of discussion!
Holly Dunsworth
there's a wonderful Instagram account, that I recommend everyone check out, which depicts tons of variation in childbirth (very different from pop media) called @badassmotherbirther
Alysa Pomer
I second checking out @badassmotherbirther ! Great account.
Katie Ward
Thank you for such an interesting talk. I am doing some local research on women's changes to birth plans related to COVID. In our community (Utah) women were moving from in to out of hospital settings. The out of hospital providers had a lot less access to PPE. We will be publishing this in the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health. Happy to chat with you about it katie.ward@nurs.utah.edu
Moira Donovan
Also want to boost the work of Dr. Stephanie Mitchell, who is working to open the first free-standing birth center in Alabama and the 12th Black-owned birth center in the US. Her instagram is @doctor_midwife
Leslie Digby (she/her)
Great talk!
Delaney Glass
Thank you for a fabulous talk and discussion!
Anoosha Tehniat
Great information
Ligia Gomes
Great talk!
Anishka Bandara
Thank you for this very informative talk!
Alysa Pomer
Thank you, Zane, for this great talk!
Stephanie Chung
This was wonderful, thank you!
Holly Dunsworth
Thank you Dr. Thayer and to this group for hosting... fabulous!
Karen Rosenberg
Hegmon, Michelle, and Wenda R. Trevathan. "Gender, anatomical knowledge, and pottery production: Implications of an anatomically unusual birth depicted on Mimbres pottery from southwestern New Mexico." American Antiquity (1996): 747-754.
Meredith Spence Beaulieu, PhD (she/her/hers)
Thanks, Karen!
Robert Schopler