CASE ESS: Jay Coen Gilbert - Shared screen with speaker view
Erin Morant
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Erin Morant
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Kristian Nammack/Hansa Impact
Has B Lab ever considered setting certification parameters for US nonprofits? They can ironically be the most predatory employers.
Zeal Desai
Great question, Kristian. I am genuinely curious if you could share a bit more on “most predatory employers”
Kristian Nammack/Hansa Impact
Low pay, limited advancement. They sometimes use their positive mission as an excuse to offer so little to staff. NB - I have never worked for one but have been on boards and often asked these questions - how does our pay compare to the private sector? Low pay levels also set a bar for employment to those who can afford to earn low pay.
Zeal Desai
Technically speaking, Duke itself is a nonprofit
Kristian Nammack/Hansa Impact
Most private educational organizations are.
Zeal Desai
Exactly. Seems like a lot of small nonprofits are very limited with funding, hence the low pay
Linnea Swenson/Sven-Saw
Yes! As a white person, doing my work (for more than 20 years now) is both the hardest and most joyful, meaningful, rewarding core of my life.
Jessica Moes (she/her)
Many organizations are starting to recognize it should be a core competency for leaders but still will not train, hire, or *measure* leaders with respect to that competency.
Margaret Larson
Coach K is quoted as stating "I treat all my players fairly but not equally." Do you think equity means we treat everyone equally? I'm curious in how we define "equity."
Linnea Swenson/Sven-Saw
Margaret, Equity has to do with giving more to those who need more in order to "level the playing field." Our systemically racist systems provide privileges to White people while putting up obstacles (often invisible to White people) to Black, Brown and Indigenous persons. Therefore, equal treatment perpetuates the inequities.
Connie E
Love that advice
Margaret Larson
Great perspective, Linnea. Equity seems more tied to fairness than equality in that regard. DEI is a space that I need to educate myself more on. Thank you!
Cathy Clark, CASE at Duke
Here’s a question: How does leading a consortium differ from leading a company or org?
Cathy Clark, CASE at Duke
@Zeal: Here’s a good website for legal choices for social enterprises: https://stanford.edu/dept/gsb-ds/Inkling/CSI_Legal_Structures/index.html
Zeal Desai greenperiods.org
Thank you so much, will definitely look into these sources. Just a quick shout out to Duke Law Clinic. They have also been of phenomenal help
Sarah Lang (Upstart Co-Lab)
Thank you, this was great!
Meg Rudy
Thank you!!
Jay Coen Gilbert (he lives on Lenape land)
thank you Erin and everyone
Bonny Moellenbrock
Thanks CASE and Jay! Great to see you and get your latest wisdom, Jay
Anna Barlowe
Thank you for the time!
Kat Conyer
Thanks Jay!