SES Seminar: Mauricio Castrejón - Shared screen with speaker view
Ángeles Milanés UABC
Buenos días a todos!
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
Welcome to the second edition of LANET seminars. The network for the study of social-ecological systems in Latin-American. My name is Xavier Basurto, I am your host today, and an associate professor and the director of the Coasts and Commons Co-Lab at Duke University.
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
This webinar series focused on the description and analysis of social-ecological coastal systems across the Americas and their related challenges, opportunities, and solutions.
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
This webinar series is an experiment in progress. As you will see, this is a bi-cultural webinar series. I am giving the introduction remarks in Spanish but you can find them also in English on the chat, for those that do not speak Spanish.
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
A bit of history:This series emerged as part of a recently funded NSF project lead by Mateja Nenadovic (Duke), Xavier Basurto (Duke), Tim Frawley (NOAA), Heather Leslie (U. Of Maine), Fiorenza Micheli (Stanford U), Salvador Rodriguez (Niparajá), Jorge Torre (COBI), and Hudson Weaver (Duke).The first round of the seminar series took place in fall 2021 and were hosted at the University of Maine by our colleague Professor Heather Leslie (https://dmc.umaine.edu/fall2021_ses_seminars/).
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
This year the series is hosted by the Coasts and Commons Co-Lab at Duke under the coordination of María Cecilia Pertuz “Chechi.” Chechi is a Political scientist and holds a Master's in Public Policy with professional experience in designing, analyzing, monitoring, and evaluating public policies. Currently, she is a second-year Coastal Environmental Management Student at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke. Chechi is interested in coastal resilience and blue carbon projects, focusing on equity and gender approaches. You can find more about her in the Coasts and Commons Co-Lab webpage. https://sites.nicholas.duke.edu/xavierbasurto/
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
The aim of this seminar is to build capacity in the US and Latin American students, scholars, and practitioners in SES science with a focus on coastal marine environments. Additionally, we aim to encourage dialogue about SES science, training, and translations for policy and management among US and Latin America researchers and other environmental professionals. The series will recruit folks from throughout the Americas, and we aim to make this an accessible and interactive series. We hope that interactions among students, practitioners, and presenters will be engaging and reciprocal.
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
Mauricio Castrejón, Ph.D., marine biologist, Mexican. He has more than 18 years of experience leading small-scale fisheries research and development projects in the Galapagos Islands and the Eastern Tropical Pacific region (Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador), in collaboration with multinational and interdisciplinary teams. His main area of specialization is the socio-ecological assessment and co-management of small-scale fisheries in marine protected areas. During his professional career, he has worked as a researcher for various non-governmental organizations, including the Charles Darwin Foundation (2004-2008), World Wildlife Fund (2008-2010), and Conservation International (2014-2010).
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
In recent years, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher for the University of Waterloo, Canada (2019-2021) and as a consultant for Island Conservation and the Pew Charitable Trust Foundation (2020-2021). He is currently a researcher at the Universidad de las Américas-Ecuador (UDLA) and a founding partner and manager of INNOVAPESCA CIA. LTDA, a social enterprise whose mission is to use science, technology, and innovation to create market incentives that promote the adoption of responsible fishing practices and the production of high-quality fishery products with principles of sustainability and social responsibility
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
The rest of the seminar will be in spanish with slides in English.
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
Mauricio's presentation will last 35 minutes. The rest of the time, until 1:15 EST, will be for questions and discussion
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
you are welcome to send us your questions via chat at anytime
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
La presentación de Mauricio será de 35 minutos. El resto del tiempo, hasta la 1:15 EST, será para sesión de preguntas y discusión. Pueden incluir sus preguntas en el chat en cualquier momento
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
You are welcome to send us your questions via chat at anytime
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
Pueden incluir sus preguntas en el chat en cualquier momento
Elvia Marin
Se están generando datos en ese grupo de pescadores para iniciar la evaluación de la rentabilidad del arte de pesca en esa pesquería?
¿Se desarrolla algún tipo de pesca deportiva - recreativa ? y ¿en que proporción?
Luz Saldaña Ruiz
Muy interesante charla! muchas gracias!
Xavier Basurto (he/him)
Gracias Gustavo y Elvia por su participación!
Muchas gracias
Elvia Marin
Gracias, muy interesantes presentaciones.
Luis Malpica Cruz - UABC
Muchas gracias Mauricio por tu presentación y por tan interesante proyecto que desarrollas, también muchas gracias a l@s organizadores, nos vemos en el próximo seminario!
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
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Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
María Alejandra VelezDirector of the Center for Studies on Security and Drugs (CESED), Universidad de los Andes, ColombiaSeminario: Gender, Sanction, and Cooperation in Sustainable Natural Resource Management: Experimental Evidence from the Colombian PacificTuesday 11/1 12-1:15 pm ESTCristiana Simão SeixasSenior Researcher- Environmental Studies and Research Center (NEPAM)-University of Campinas (UNICAMP), BrazilSeminar: The eyes and the voices of indigenous peoples from coastal Brazil: an assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem servicesTuesday 11/8 12-1:15 pm ESTAlexis NakandakariThe Nature Conservancy-Peru Oceans ProgramSeminar: Transitioning to equitable approaches in small-scale fisheries in PeruTuesday 11/15 12-1:15 pm EST
Maria Cecilia Pertuz Molina
Mauricio Castrejón-UDLA
Nut Chávez-UABC
muchas gracias