Grand Rounds: Jeffrey Baker MD PhD - Shared screen with speaker view
Matthew Barber, M.D.
Please put any questions you have for Dr. Baker in the chat
Luke Gatta (MFM Fellow)
Today, residents may tell you that the NC Medicaid Sterilization form is complicated to the extent that it can be a barrier to a tubal ligation. In what ways did our history in Eugenics program influence this tubal ligation form?
Dr Beverly Gray, M.D.
Has there been any discussion of changing the name of the PDC, given its history?
Estela DiFranco Field, CNM
Thank you for a fantastic talk! I'd like to learn more about the one woman I saw in that initial trainee class. Do you have her name?
Dr Sarahn Wheeler
Thank you so much for another very thought provoking talk. The narrative histories you present are very powerful and central to framing our understanding of history. as part of your methodology, how much information do you gather on the interviewee to understand their perspective that may frame their recollections.
Maria small
thank you
Kristen Carrillo-Kappus
Thank you for this talk!