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Important! Effective January 12, all Duke Zoom meetings must be secured. The simplest options are to use a passcode or enable a waiting room. If no security option is enabled, Zoom will secure the meeting with a waiting room. Learn more about securing your meetings.

Live online support! To assist Duke users with the new security settings on all Zoom meetings OIT is offering live online help on weekdays beginning Monday, 1/11 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) daily. This support service will continue through Friday, 1/22 with the exception of 1/18, which is an observed holiday. For assistance outside of these dates and hours, contact the OIT Service Desk or your local IT support group.

For live online help, join the Zoom support meeting at OIT staff will be notified you are in the waiting room and will admit you as quickly as possible to address your issue.